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Strategies For A Successful Yard Sale

It always feels great to get rid of the things you don’t need. One option for decluttering is to haul everything to a donation center, or perhaps even a dump (where you’ll have to pay to get rid of your stuff). But with a little more effort, you can get rid of the things you no longer need and get some extra cash: have a yard sale. Here are some tips for a successful sale.

Marketing: Hey, even a yard sale needs some marketing and advertising! Post flyers in your neighborhood, set up a sign down the block directing traffic to your sale, and post the information about your sale online.

Go to the bank: Garage sales are typically a cash-only operation. Buyers won’t have exact change, so go to the bank and get several rolls of change and various bills.

Don’t get too caught up with haggling: Don’t give something away without a fair price, but also remember to look at the big picture: Most of the items you’re selling is stuff you’d just donate or throw out anyway. You want it gone, first and foremost, and the extra cash is a nice bonus.

Going out of business sale: As the day or weekend wears on, you’re going to have stuff that doesn’t sell. To minimize your remaining items, mark them down or put them in a free pile as the sale winds down. It’s better than taking junk back into your home!

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